School of Sanctuary

Brunton: Our School of Sanctuary

Brunton First School is dedicated in being a safe and welcoming place where everyone feels valued. We are not just a sanctuary for those whose lives were in danger in their own country, but to any pupils who are experiencing difficulties at home or are just needing a place to feel secure.

What are we doing?

  • We promote a culture of welcome and inclusivity

We work to raise awareness and educate the school community about the issues faced by refugees and asylum seekers

Wristband Competition

Refugee Week

Peace Crane Project

Providing additional support for pupils and families

Celebrating Diversity

Language and Culture Week @ Brunton 


-Staff Language Quiz

Who is helping us gain our School of Sanctuary status?

Working towards becoming a School of Sanctuary involves the whole school:

  • Governors are fully supportive of our commitment to promote positive attitudes within our school.
  • Staff are delivering an excellent curriculum which supports this ethos and helps our children foster awareness and understanding of the cultural contexts within which they and others live.
  • Brunton pupils and their families.

We would welcome any suggestions or ideas parents may have as we continue our School of Sanctuary journey. Please contact Mrs Gowdy to discuss or for further details.