Brunton First School

Governor Committees

GB Chair – Cristina Wigg
GB Vice Chair – Stuart Mc Naughton

Admissions (including in-year admissions and appeals)
The Admissions Committee makes decisions regarding in-year admissions, always following statutory guidance and agreed policies. The committee meet as required. Any three governors who have not been involved in the original decision will convene as a committee to hear appeals.

Bev Armstrong, Cristina Wigg, Stuart McNaughton, Thom Campion

Staffing, Finance and Premises Committee (including health and safety)
The staffing, finance and Premises Committee make decisions regarding appointment of staff, staffing structure, monitoring the school finances and budget, ensuring the school is financially accountable and following financial procedures. The committee meets at least once a term.

Members: Jonathan Coates (chair), Bev Armstrong, Cristina Wigg, Helen Sykes, Thom Campion, Andy Downey, Carolyn Appleby (Associate)

Curriculum and Performance Committee
The Curriculum and Performance committee look at the teaching, learning and attainment of the school, ensuring that all children achieve their potential. The committee meets once a term.

Members: Stuart McNaughton (chair), Bev Armstrong, Sophie Lee, Cristina Wigg, Helen Sykes, Samantha Morrison, Carolyn Appleby (Associate), Lucy Barker (Associate)

Pupil Discipline / Appeals / Complaints
Ad-hoc – at least three members (different members for appeals)

Headteachers Performance Management
Cristina Wigg, Stuart McNaughton, Helen Sykes

Link Governors

We have link governors who visit school regularly and work alongside staff and children as well as supporting the school to evaluate areas of its work and report back to the Governing Body. Our link governors oversee areas such as safeguarding, pupil premium, early years and areas which are linked to our school development plan.

  • Safeguarding Cristina Wigg
  • SEND Cristina Wigg
  • Early Years Cristina Wigg
  • Maths Stuart McNaughton
  • Literacy Cristin Wigg
  • History Stuart McNaughton
  • Geography Stuart McNaughton
  • PHSE Helen Sykes
  • Pupil Premium Helen Sykes
  • PE Helen Sykes
  • Attendance Helen Sykes
  • ICT / Computing Andy Downey
  • Music Helen Sykes
  • Art and DT Helen Sykes
  • MFL Stuart McNaughton
  • RE
  • Science