Parent Governor


Friday 14th January 2022

Dear parents/carers

Over the next couple of weeks we will be seeking nominations for parent governors. To enable you to consider whether this would be a role you would like to do, this letter is to give a little more detail about what being a governor would involve.

School governors are volunteers, from a wide variety of backgrounds, who have an interest in influencing education for the children in their local community. Governors work in partnership with the school staff to provide the highest possible standards of education and to help all children reach their potential. Governing bodies are broadly responsible for ensuring schools provide a good quality education for, and encourage development in, all pupils. Governing bodies are accountable for the performance, curriculum and budget of schools, for setting school aims/policies and for planning the school’s future direction. Governors provide strategic management, challenge and accountability. They do this by:

• Setting the school’s aims and values and planning the school’s long-term future

• Holding school leaders to account for high standards of achievement

• Managing the school’s financial resources

The term of office will be for a period of four years. There is a commitment to school which involves 4 full governor’s meetings a year and 3 committee meetings. It also involves visiting school on learning walks which last for a couple of hours, normally once a term. Governors meet with subject leaders approximately twice a year, to find out about the progress of the subject across the school and look at policies.

As a parent governor you need to ensure that decisions taken by governors are for the good of the whole school and not just to benefit your own child.

To be appointed as a governor we also have to look at your skill set and ensure we have a board of governors with as many skills as possible. This is important to be able to say what you can bring to the school. We are specifically looking to recruit school governors with financial skills and experience to sit on our Staffing and Finance Committee.

The statutory responsibilities of the governing body include essential areas of financial management.

Governors’ key financial roles are to:

• manage the school budget

• decide on how to spend the delegated school budget, depending on any conditions for maintained schools set out in the local authority (LA) scheme for financing schools

• be consulted by their local authority on funding

• ensure accurate school accounts are kept

• determine the number and type of staff and a pay policy

• act as a ‘critical friend’ to the headteacher by providing advice, challenge and support.

Governor Training is available on school specific financial planning and practice, but a background in finance and a general understanding of good financial management practices is essential.

Although the above responsibilities are considerable, I hope you will consider seeking appointment to be a parent governor.

The Nomination Process

Please ring/email the office to ask for a nomination form to be put in your child’s school bag tonight.

When submitting nominations, the following points should be noted:

1) To be eligible to take part in the nomination / election process, an individual must be included on the school’s admissions register as being the parent or carer of a child attending the school;
2) Each parental nomination should be supported (seconded) by another parent of a registered pupil or carer at the school;
3) Each candidate should then signify in writing that they accept the nomination;
4) People who are bankrupt or have criminal convictions may not serve as school governors.

These and the other circumstances disqualifying individuals from holding office as school governors are set out in full in the School Government Regulations. Further information is available if required.

If you need any further information or would like to discuss the role, please don’t hesitate to ring to make an appointment.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Bev Armstrong
Acting Headteacher