Role of Governing Body


The Role of the Governing Body

The governing body works to support the overall development of all pupils. School governors are volunteers, from a wide variety of backgrounds, who have an interest in influencing education for the children in their local community. They work in partnership with the school staff to provide the highest possible standards of education and to help all children reach their potential.

Governing bodies are accountable for the performance, curriculum and budget of schools, for setting school aims and policies as well as for planning the school’s future direction. Governors provide strategic management, challenge and accountability. They do this by:

  • Setting the school’s aims and values and planning the school’s long-term future,
  • Holding school leaders to account for high standards of achievement,
  •  Managing the school’s financial resources.

The full Governing Body meets 4 times a year and at other times as members of various committees. School Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. They can only act collectively, not individually. The Governors are made up of parents, members of staff, Gosforth Schools’ Trust representatives and co-opted governors from the wider community.

In order to carry out this work governors:

  • Work closely with the school team
  • Work on committees to which the governing body has delegated key areas of responsibility. These meet on a regular basis – at least once each term
  • Visit the school
  • Attend training
  • Recognise that the Headteacher is responsible for the implementation of policy, management of the school and the implementation of the curriculum.
  • Self-evaluate their own practices on a regular basis.