School Uniform

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Please note for new Reception children starting school in September, if you want your uniform delivered to school your order needs  to be placed by 19th June. If you want your uniform  delivered to your home address your order needs to be placed by 24th July.


Our uniform policy reflects our values and reinforces our school’s culture of high expectations and academic achievement. All pupils must dress according to the uniform policy. Our School Uniform is important to us. It is one way in which we identify ourselves as a school community and it promotes a strong, cohesive school identity which supports high standards and expectations in all areas of school life. It promotes harmony between different groups represented in the school, and it enhances security. Smartness and high standards of appearance are expected at all times. The PE uniform is expected to be worn on PE days with the school jumper/cardigan.

We have a required school uniform for several reasons:

• Uniforms unite the school. Pupils make a commitment that when they put on their Brunton uniform they will abide by the rules of the community.
• Uniforms reduce distractions. We are focused on achieving success. When pupils are allowed to wear their own clothing, there is the potential to talk about fashions and styles rather than learning.
• Uniforms make us all equal. Whether families have high incomes or low incomes, the pupils come to school looking the same way. No one has to feel bad about the clothes they have or don’t have.
• Uniforms look professional. Pupils look neat and ready to learn.

We ask parents and carers to support all decisions by school staff regarding whether or not clothing is appropriate or inappropriate for school. The majority of uniform items can be purchased from Emblematic Ltd via our website. However, the only items that require a badge are the sweatshirts and cardigans, all other items can be bought elsewhere. We have a pre-loved uniform in school which stocks multiple uniform – please enquire at the office.

Our Uniform

 School Uniform  PE Kit
✓ Jade sweatshirt/cardigan
✓ Grey skirt/pinafore /trousers or shorts
✓ White polo shirt
✓ White or grey socks/grey tights
✓ Jade checked or striped dress
✓ Black shoes (not trainers)
✓ Black/blue shorts
✓ Black/blue leggings / black/blue jogging bottoms (nonbranded)
✓ White T-shirt
✓ White or black socks
✓ Sandshoes or trainers
✓ PE bag optional – can be used for breakfast and afterschool clubs

In wet or snowy weather boots or wellingtons can be worn but should be changed when inside the school building.

Pupils must not wear:

• Football kits
• Hoodies, sportswear or sweatshirts.
• Shoes with heels
• Bright coloured t-shirts / tank tops
• Open toed sandals
• ‘Crocs’
• Leather or denim clothing.
• Trainers are NOT allowed to be worn at any time other than for PE days.
• ‘Heelys’ are not permitted in school; children are not allowed onto school property wearing them

Racial Equality & Equal Opportunities

All children have equal access to wearing school uniform regardless of their culture, race, religion, gender, disability or ability. We ensure that the set uniform respects equality, faith and culture, sex discrimination and allows for individual sets of circumstances of all groups and individuals. Brunton is committed to creating a positive climate that will enable everyone to work free from racial intimidation and harassment and to achieve their full potential.

Hats, Headscarves or Headwear

Pupils are not allowed to wear hats, headscarves, or any other head coverings inside the school building unless it is due to religious or cultural reasons. In the warmer months, summer hats and sunglasses are allowed. A school hat with our Brunton logo is available for both summer and winter outdoor wear via our school website.


Pupils’ hair should be neatly groomed at all times with long hair tied back. Pupils’ faces should not be obscured by their hair as the teacher may not be able to judge their engagement with learning. Pupils may not wear designs, lines or words cut into their hair or permanent or temporary coloured hair. Any hair accessories that are worn such as slides, ribbons, bobbles should be simple and not distract from your child’s learning.

Fingernail Polish or Make-Up

Pupils should not wear fingernail polish and are not allowed to wear false nails. Make-up is not allowed.


Watches – Pupils may not wear any jewellery except for one watch only (no sound effects or games). Smart watches and devices which connect to the internet, allow live gps tracking, take photographs and allow communication are not permitted in school, as stated in our computing policy. Fitbit watches will only be allowed if they only enable children to tell the time and count steps. However, if pupils become distracted by their fitbit, it will be taken off them and given back at the end of the day. During PE sessions watches will be removed as they can be a health and safety issue.

Earrings – Pupils are allowed to wear one pair of stud earrings, and they must be worn in the lower ear lobe. On your child’s PE day, please remove their earrings for these days. All studs must be removed for PE days. Children who get their ears pierced, and who need to keep the studs in for the recommended period following the piercing, need to have their earrings safely covered by parents on days that they do PE. It can be potentially dangerous for the children who do not have them covered, and could result in accident or injury. The school is unable to take any responsibility for any watches or jewellery that are lost. No other body piercing, i.e. nose piercings are allowed.


A Brunton book bag is available to purchase online. These book bags fit easily into your child’s drawer. Please only attach one small keyring per bag. No rucksacks are allowed in school. A Brunton PE bag or a blue drawstring bag can also be used to carry sportswear or uniform to change into when attending breakfast and afterschool clubs.

Non-compliance with the Uniform Policy

There may be good reasons why a child is not wearing school uniform. In this case, parents and carers should share the reasons with the Headteacher either in person or by letter. The school will always be considerate and discrete in trying to establish why a pupil is not wearing the correct uniform. Pupils will not be made to feel uncomfortable, nor discriminated against, because their parents are unable to provide them with the required items of school uniform. In line with our culture of honest conversation with parents and carers, we encourage discussion with the school at the earliest opportunity if there are any difficulties. There will be occasions when the school decides that school uniform is not appropriate e.g. when taking part in a physical activity day, themed weeks or wearing different clothes as a part of a fund raising event. Parents and carers will be notified in advance of what is the revised dress code on these days. In line with DfE guidelines parents and carers of pupils that do not wear their uniform correctly will be contacted and asked to bring a uniform. Persistent non-compliance could result in the child’s parents or carers being asked to take them home to change into their uniform, this would result in an authorised absence. If the process takes an unacceptable amount of time, then an unauthorised absence could be given.


The policy has been formulated with consideration to the safety and well-being of the pupils of Brunton First School and in line with the ‘School uniform – Guidance for governing bodies, school leaders, school staff and local authorities’ (November 2021). And ‘The Cost of School Uniforms’ statutory guidance (November 2021)

Date Policy Agreed: May 2022
Policy amended: September 2022
Review: March 2023
Policy agreed: May 2023
Policy amended: August 2023
Review: September 2025